Los Angeles, USA

Kanye West, rapper and independent candidate for the US presidential election, posted a video on his Twitter profile in which he appears urinating on a Grammy award after showing off his record deals.

The video clip, which in less than an hour has exceeded 5 million views, is accompanied by the message « I’m not going to stop », in reference to an alleged dispute that the well-known musician would maintain with his record labels and for which he refuses to publish new songs.

« Universal won’t tell me what my recordings cost because they know I can afford them, » West said in a series of unusual and shocking messages.

The rapper, who in previous days asked to terminate his contract with the Sony and Universal labels, assured that he will do « everything in his legal power » and will use « his voice to change all artist contracts, starting with obtaining their recordings for his children. « .

West also appealed to other artists to spread his messages, such as U2 vocalist Bono, « Paul » – presumably ex-Beatle Paul McCartney -, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and « even Taylor » Swift – with whom he has a public feud. -.

Preceded by a series of biblical quotes and religious references, West published the record deals he has signed over the years, page by page.

« Folks, it took me a long time to capture all my contracts. Here they are, » he announced.

Among his complaints against record companies, West mentions « hidden costs » grouped under « distribution fees » that would ensure that the labels make more money and that are present in most « standard contracts » that he describes as « cheating. »

All this controversy occurs when there are less than two months to go before the presidential elections in which West continues to appear as a candidate, although with no chance of victory.

At the same time, his partner Kim Kardashian asked a few months ago « compassion and empathy » towards West, as he suffers from biopolarity disorder.

West’s name will appear on the ballot in a dozen states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Vermont, where he has managed to register on time. All after disbursing about $ 7 million in fees.

Despite the musician registering his election campaign committee with the US Federal Election Commission, the real intentions behind his political candidacy have never been clear, as it was announced when the registration deadline had expired in many states.

A report on the CNN news network said that West’s initiative was viewed favorably by some members of the Republican Party, as conservatives believed that his name on the ballot could divert potential voters from Democrat Joe Biden.

However, it is not clear if his presence in the few territories that will have the candidacy will harm the Democratic candidate or the current president, Donald Trump, of whom West himself declared himself an admirer before competing at the polls against him.