Kanye West competes with Kardashians and launches her own cosmetic line | Instagram

The rapper singer Kanye West is ready to start again after announcing it will enter the world of cosmetics by launching its own line. What will your in-laws think?

Surely the singer will receive full support from your wife Kim Kardashian and a popcorn above from her family since the artist decided to launch his own line of products which will be focused on men.

The range of rapper It will have hair products and some makeup products so that the female gender also takes better care of itself.

It should be mentioned that this would not be the first time that the husband of the influencer expands in the business world, since its clothing lines have also been motivated to expand their horizons towards beauty after realizing how well the numbers are going in the family.

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However, his emporium is not going to stop there since apparently he also intends to expand his fashion line Yeezy, which would include said range of well-being and lifestyle, which was also reported by the TMZ portal, the products They would include shaving creams, perfumes, or body wash, plus aromatherapy-related home products.

Last year, the singer West, earned 170 million dollars (around 150 million euros) mostly as a result of his contract with Adidas, a company with which he has launched his sportswear and footwear brand.

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On the other hand, we must not forget that his record label Good music is valued at around 90 million of dollars (80 million euros).

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However, it would be his second attempt in the world of beauty, since in 2017, his mother was the inspiration to present a registered trademark « Donda Beauty« , which did not take off as expected.

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There is no doubt that the expert on the subject is his wife Kim Kardashian, owner of KKW Beauty, a beauty line that includes makeup bases, lipstick, eyeshadow and brushes that according to Forbes, last year pocketed 100 million dollars (almost 90 million euros).

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While your sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner launched a successful line of lipsticks that, in 2016 had dozens of products and a year later Forbes It ranked her at No. 59 for the wealthiest celebrities with a humble investment of $ 250,000.