Kanye West will appear as a presidential candidate on the Mississippi ballot in November, having been approved as a qualified candidate by the State Board of Election Commissioners on Tuesday.

| 08/09/2020 | ionicons-v5-c14: 34 | AP |

The rapper has already qualified to run as an independent candidate for the US presidency in several states, including Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Utah.

To qualify in Mississippi, had to pay a fee of $ 2,500 to the Secretary of State’s office and obtain the signatures of at least 1,000 voters of Mississippi.

« It was interesting to see him choose Mississippi, and it will obviously be interesting to see what happens to that vote on Nov. 3, said the secretary of state for Mississippi, Michael Watson, after the board meeting. « But he did qualify. »

West, who once supported Republican President Donald Trump, announced last month that he had severed relations with the president and would launch his own presidential candidacy. His campaign submitted documents on July 15 to the Federal Electoral Commission.