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The multi-award winning singer and songwriter Kany Garcia delights us with his new studio album Table for two, where it presents 10 songs duet, available today on all digital music platforms. At the same time he released the music video for his first single “What I see in you” beside Nahuel Pennisi on his YouTube channel.

Being his seventh studio album, Table for two was produced by the legendary Julio Reyes Copello at his Art House Studios in Miami. Kings Copello He also served as a producer on his self-titled Latin GRAMMY® album in 2012.

The Guests at ‘Table For Two’

The highly talented guests at Table for two they come from a wide variety of nations. The aforementioned Pennisi, comes from Argentina. From Spain, the singer-songwriter joins him Leiva; from Chile, Mon Laferte; from Brazil, Gusttavo Lima; from his native Puerto Rico, Pedro Capó; from Mexico, the pop trio Reik and the soloist Carlos Rivera; and from Colombia, Carlos Vivesas well as a theme in collaboration with Goyo (Chocquibtown) and Tasting (Monsieur Periné), plus a song with Camilo. Kany wrote seven of the songs and is co-author of three others with Leiva, do you live and Camilo.

The video of “What I see in you”Features cute scenes from Kany and his wife Jocelyn Troche at home, accompanied by scenes from Pennisi, young talent in the wave of most promising acoustic guitarists and troubadours in Latin music. The lyrics of this gentle song speak to couples who are in an intense and enriching relationship: “If you saw everything that I see in you, you would understand my life because I wait. If you exhausted my thought, if you now go inside, if you knew what I see, my life.

His production Contra El Viento won the Latin GRAMMY® in 2019 as Best Album Singer-Songwriter, while the music video “Banana Papaya” next to Resident, earned him another Latin GRAMMY® for Best Short Version Music Video.

Now in Table for two, Kany Garcia He continues to deliver us a series of beautiful compositions and vocal performances, while combining his magic with some of the most captivating Latino artists.

TABLE FOR TWO – List of songs:
1. What I See In You, with Nahuel Pennisi
2. Oxide, with Leiva
3. He misbehaved, with Mon Laferte
4. Let the days go by, with Gusttavo Lima
5. Find me, with Carlos Vives
6. Turn Around, with Reik
7. New Lies, with Pedro Capó
8. Come with me, with Goyo & Cata
9. Cowards, with Carlos Rivera
10. Titanic, with Camilo

Listen to “Mesa Para Dos”, the new by Kany García, and watch the official video of “Lo Que En Ti Veo” by clicking here.