Kanté-Pogba, the magical duo of the Blues

Excellent in Portugal (0-1), N’Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba have never lost in the France team when they were associated.

We understood on Saturday evening why Didier Deschamps insisted on maintaining Paul pogba in his starting XI. The Manchester United midfielder is not in the shape of his life, that’s obvious. But its association with N’Golo Kanté in the France team works well. In Lisbon, it was the 26th time that the two men were associated with the kick-off. Together, they still have not known defeat (20 wins, 6 draws). Above all, they gave the impression of coming back to life, because Kanté too has already been better than in recent months.

“I had never known such a difficult period in my career. The French team is a breath of fresh air, the group is exceptional, it’s magic, ”Pogba told RTL. “It had been a while since he was injured and since I had not played with him, Kanté added this Sunday on Téléfoot. We remember the World Cup we were able to do together: it’s a pleasure to play with Paul. “In fact, it is the tactical system of the World Cup that Deschamps has unearthed: an asymmetrical 4-2-3-1 with Adrien Rabiot in place of Blaise Matuidi in the role of left midfielder.

Present in defense and even in attack

As in their best hours, Pogba and Kanté reigned in the midfield, completely extinguishing their opposing opposite, Danilo Pereira, William Carvalho and especially Bruno Fernandes. Very present in the recovery, the two men showed simplicity and accuracy with the ball, Pogba sometimes using the long game with success. As a bonus, they were able to bring into the opposing area, Kanté scoring the goal of victory (57th), his second for the Blues, while Pogba could have doubled the stake in stride (63rd).

With this duo “made in the Premier League”, and a very solid Varane-Kimpembe hinge in front of the impeccable Hugo Lloris, the entire France team has regained its strength and confidence. And this suggests that the Pogba-Kanté pair should be renewed during Euro 2021, next summer. If they are at the same level as Saturday night in Portugal, it will already be an excellent base for the Blues.