Harry Kane is starting to feel very cramped around Tottenham very seriously. And he did not fail to make this known.

The idea of ​​leaving Tottenham seriously starting to make its way for Harry kane. And it’s not the season Spurs which will push him to continue the adventure. The English international striker regularly makes the headlines during the transfer window, including a Real Madrid several times cited among the fiercest contenders. But this season, there may well be a big difference in this case: the choice of the player.

Asked about Sky Sports by Harry Redknapp about his plans to stay in the same club for life, he replied, “These are the kinds of things I can’t answer yes or no for. I love Spurs, I have always loved this club. But I’ve always said that if I don’t feel a progression as a team or we’re going in the right direction, then I’m not going to be the type to stay just for fun. “

Either Tottenham is recruiting…

A way like any other to put great pressure on a club finalist in the Champions League last season but which experienced a sharp decline this season to the point that José Mourinho replaced Mauricio Pochettino on the bench. As things stand, Tottenham will not be participating in the next Champions League, which will be a big step backwards which may matter.

Admittedly, Daniel Levy will not easily let his star striker get caught, but this posture by Kane could still be a game-changer and encourage clubs to position themselves. “I am an ambitious player, I want to improve and become one of the best players,” he added. President Levy is not known for spending without counting but with Mourinho at the helm and a Kane very clearly awaiting reinforcements of the highest order, he will have to take action. At the risk of losing your best asset.

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