Kamala Harris visits the border


The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, asked to stop politicizing the migration crisis and give priority to children who arrive at the border they share with Mexico.

At the end of his visit to a Border Patrol facility near the US-Mexico border, Harris spoke to the press and urged finding practical solutions to migration.

On both sides, this issue cannot be reduced to a political question. We are talking about children, we are talking about families, we are talking about suffering. And our approach has to be thoughtful and effective, ”Harris said at the end of her brief visit, the first since she became vice president five months ago.

US President Joe Biden tasked Harris with managing his government on the broader issue of people fleeing Central American countries to the United States. The vice president visited Guatemala and Mexico earlier this month, but was heavily criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for not stepping on the border.

Harris visited the Mexican border for the first time yesterday on a tour that he said was planned as a follow-up to his trip to Mexico.

Speaking frankly with Mexico, as a counterpart on the immigration issue, tried to address the causes and now, when arriving at the border, is to see the effects, “he said.

The reality is that we have to deal with causes and effects; visiting the border was always planned, “he insisted after getting off the Air Force 2 plane.

The vice president visited a border patrol detainee processing center in El Paso, where she spoke with five unaccompanied Central American minors.

The head of the patrol in El Paso, Gloria Chávez, who implemented the separation of families during the presidency of Donald Trump in the area, and supervisors of that agency, presented to Harris advances in the use of cutting-edge technology in the border strip.

You have made incredible achievements and progress in the last two months, ”the vice president told the patrols.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who accompanied the vice president on the tour, said the purpose of Harris’s visit was to see progress on border control policies and processing of asylum requests at the border.

The visit to the border took place just a day after Mayorkas removed Rodney Scott as the national head of the Border Patrol, a post given to him by Trump.

Also accompanying Harris was Senator Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, one of the main promoters of the immigration reform proposed by President Joe Biden.

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