Kamala Harris speaks with AMLO about immigration and arrival of children

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with Mexican President López Obrador and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico / Getty Images

The mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported through his Twitter account that he had a conversation with the vice president Kamala harris on immigration matters.

He added that issues related to Central America, human trafficking and human rights were addressed, especially in dealing with migrant children whose arrival has increased in the last two months.

“We spoke with Kamala Harris, vice president of the United States and in charge of dealing with the immigration issue in Central America,” said the Mexican president. “There is a willingness on our part to join forces in the fight against human trafficking and protection of human rights, especially of girls and boys”.

Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden to work directly for some plan to help reduce irregular immigration from the Northern Triangle countries and Mexico, addressing root problems, including insecurity and lack of economic opportunities.

In 2019, as soon as he assumed the presidency, the Mexican leader presented a Development Plan for Central America, which had been endorsed by several European nations, but it is unknown whether in this new alliance with the United States he will continue with his proposal or will be made. efforts in parallel.

The Biden Administration He has not responded to requests from this newspaper about whether or not he would join that plan by López Obrador, but in press conferences, the US president affirms that he intends to make a multi-year investment in the region.

Last week Vice President Harris indicated that she had spoken with the President of Guatemala, Alexander Giammattei.

“I spoke with President Giammattei, of Guatemala, to discuss coordinated action to address the causes that originate migration to the United States and to develop and implement innovative solutions that improve the conditions of people in their countries of origin.” Harris said.