Kakashi already has the perfect cosplay that Naruto deserves

kakashi hatake naruto

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Meduzanol art at

Kakashi is one of the most important characters in the Naruto manga / anime, He was the first teacher of group 7 and enjoyed a great reputation in the rest of the shinobi nations. In addition, part of his past was captured in the form of a flashback in one of the most tense and important moments of the main plot, so Kakashi is undoubtedly an important link in the story of Naruto.

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This powerful ninja is known in the rest of the territories as “Kakashi the one with the Sharingan” or “Kakashi the ninja who copies”, since his ocular ability allowed him to predict the movements of the rival and to anticipate him using the same technique. However, his power not only resided in the Sharinga, he possessed devastating techniques like the Chidori, which he later showed to Sasuke. Today we show you a perfect cosplay using this technique:

[Self] Kakashi Cosplay by Stylouz from r / Naruto

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