Kaaris recently starred in a movie. If “Bronx” were initially to be released in theaters, you will finally be able to find it on Netflix!

Kaaris stars in a movie called “Bronx”. If, initially, the feature film was to be released in cinema, you can finally find it on Netflix. MCE TV tells you everything!

Kaaris has more than one string to his bow. Indeed, the rapper known in particular for his clashes with Booba, don’t get locked into the musical world.

Indeed, Kaaris does not hesitate to seize the various opportunities available to him. So, the rapper notably played in Robbers in 2016, Overdrive in 2017 and, more recently, Lukas, a movie directed by Julien Leclercq.

And frankly, the rapper has been super good in all of his roles. It must be said that his charisma makes him really super credible. We in any case love to see it on the screen!

Besides, good news: The rapper returns for a new feature film to be released on Netflix. Prepare your popcorn!

Kaaris: his film Bronx arrives on Netflix!

The Bronx movie starring Kaaris lands on Netflix

Yes, yes you heard that right. Kaaris to star in a Netflix movie !

Indeed, initially, Bronx was to be shown in the movies. But change of program we will find it on our favorite platform.

In summary, the film is abouta police investigation in the midst of a gang war. In short, a film under high tension, signed Olivier Marchal, to whom we also owe 36 Quai des Orfèvres.

Considering the synopsy, Kaaris should therefore be in his element! Indeed, in the other films in which he played, the rapper has always interpreted roles of big tough. Perfect then!

On top of that, the cast is hot. Indeed, alongside Kaaris we can find, among others, Jean Reno, Lannick Gautry and Catherine Marchal. Just that !

In any case, we can’t wait to see the film which comes out on October 30!

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