Years go by, seasons go by and in Italy the Juventus dynasty finds no team to blow it. Let him try to unseat it with enough power to scare him. Inter, Lazio … Nothing. Much ado About Nothing. Series A ends up being long and the king continues to send year after year. For the ninth consecutive season, Juventus closed the ‘Scudetto’. He returns to his throne and sees that this year he has had enough of giving opportunities to his rivals. Sarri takes the title but leaving too many doubts in his game.

07/26/2020 at 23:45


Arnau Montserrat




Szczesny; Danilo (Bernardeschi 29 ‘), De Ligt (Rugani 77’), Bonucci, Alex Sandro; Rabiot, Pjanic (Bentancur 78 ‘), Matuidi; Square, Dybala (Higuaín 40 ‘), Cristiano Ronaldo.


Audero; Tonelli, Yoshida, Chabot (Léris 22 ‘), Augello; Depaoli, Thorsby, Linetty, Jankto (Gabbiadini 73 ‘); Gastón Ramírez (Maroni 90 ‘), Quagliarella.


1-0 M.45 + 6 Cristiano; 2-0 M.67 Bernardeschi.


Francesco Fourneau. AT: Pjanic (45 ‘), Bernardeschi (69’), Square (80 ‘), Rabiot (86’) / Thorsby (45 ‘second at 76’), Tonelli (45 ‘), Jankto (65’), Depaoli (88 ‘).

Doubts like those found before Sampdoria. Juventus’ version of Sarri was poor again in the first half. The poor fluidity in the circulation was coupled with a dull Dybala, without the brightness it showed in the first games after confinement. In fact, he ended up injured and replaced just before the break.

Before reaching half an hour of play, the game had a tense moment after a blow of heads between Danilo, a Juventus player, and Gastón Ramírez, a Sampdoria player. The Brazilian winger cleared an aerial ball with the misfortune of colliding head to head with the Uruguayan. The result was a bulky purple lump near the eyebrow, bloodless. The fall was already strange and Danilo got up almost without knowing where he was. He was immediately replaced by Bernardeschi.

The Sampdoria, well planted on the field of play, began to shake his head timidly by means of a Quagliarella that monopolized the opportunities of the visitors. Those of Claudio Ranieri formed a wall so compact that Cristiano’s face after his umpteenth attempt said it all. Obfuscated, drowned, too anxious.

But that Christian is the most dangerous. After six minutes of discount, Pjanic, in a service of lack of slate, left only Cristiano who did not fail with the shot with a thread. The Portuguese’s cry of rage brought the ‘bianconeri’ closer to the ‘Scudetto’. What Barça will enjoy with the quality of Pjanic. He has a glove. As soon as the second half began, another gift in the form of a Bosnian center for ‘airlines’ Cristiano who did not hit a header with a miracle goal.

With the minimum advantage and Sampdoria without risking anything, Ranieri’s team pushed hard and not to be the guest at the party of those who were being champions with the 1-0 result. Gastón and Yoshida forced to get the best reflexes to a successful Szczesny in his decisions.

The spaces left by the players of the ‘Samp’ originated counterattacks by Juventus and Cristiano had his second goal close and that of the sentence of the Italian league. What also came was the third injury of the match for Sarri’s. De Ligt starred in it. Another key piece.

Cristiano got the opportunity in the 88th minute to reenlist in the fight for the Golden Boot but threw his penalty on the crossbar. Someone had to fail one day. With the ninth ‘Scudetto’ followed in his pocket, Juventus must now think and manage the squad for the game