Juventus sweat ink to eliminate Genoa in extra time

The Juventus he sweated ink to beat (3-2) in extra time a combative Genoa and qualify with more difficulties than expected for the quarterfinals of the Italian Coppa. Your rival will come out of Sassuolo-SPAL, which takes place this Thursday.

Kulusevski and Morata They put the Turinese ahead 2-0 in the first half, but the Genoese managed to even the score. Andrea Pirlo resorted to Cristiano Ronaldo for extra time, where a ‘manufactured’ action between the Portuguese and Morata ended with a lucky goal from Tunisian Hamza
Raffia that ended the illusions of a competitive Genoa that in the A series it is debated in the fight to avoid the descent.

The Juventinos took less than a minute and a half to open the scoring in the Allianz Stadium. He did it through the Swedish Dejan Kulusevski, who, after receiving a filtered pass from Chiellini, carried out a perfect control of the ball inside the area that ended with a perfect definition.

Those of Andrea Pirlo, much higher than Genoa at the start of the match, they claimed a possible penalty from the defender Daniel Drumbavanu, who risked too much before Alvaro Morata. However, the collegiate and the VAR considered that there was nothing punishable.

Kulusevski, after an attendance of Bentancur, was about to score the second Turin goal, but found an extraordinary hand from the goal Paleari. However, Morata did not fail and solved with the left a service of Kulusevski, a nightmare for Genoa’s rear with that tremendous verticality that is making it shine this season.

When Juve dominated the most, The team of Davide ballardini he cut distances on the scoreboard in his first dangerous approach. Czyborra, after a center on the right of Goldaniga, surpassed the
veteran Buffon with a beautiful iron head finish marking the times.

Goals disallowed to Arthur and Portanova

After half an hour of play, the Andrea Pirlo they pierced the Genoese goal again, but the Brazilian’s goal Arthur Melo was invalidated for offside to the disappointment of the former midfielder of the Barça since it would have been his first goal with the ‘bianconera’ shirt.

On the brink of rest Manolo Portanova saw how the referee, at the request of the VAR, they also annulled him somewhat as he was slightly ahead of the defense of the Genoa in his shot at goal.

The crossbar avoids the Genoese 2-2

In the resumption, the Juventus It came out again with great force. The goalkeeper Paleari he denied the second goal to Morata with a good intervention with which his team continued to stay alive in a match that was about to draw after a shoe from Marko pjaca that crashed into the crossbar.

Although those of Pirlo they had controlled the match, Genoa patiently waited for their opportunity to surprise. And in faith that he did it with a tremendous right hand from outside the penalty area. Filippo Melegoni that was embedded in the goal of a Buffon that got to touch the ball before it kissed the tights.

Cristiano Ronaldo enters for extra time

The Juve, with more heart than head, tried to get the Genoa in their field, although the visitors defended themselves with great order and with a commendable collective spirit that led their coach, Davide Ballardini, not to make any substitutions until extra time.

With the match coming to an end and resigned to overtime, Pirlo turned to his star, Cristiano Ronaldo, Last change after replacing Wesley in the 88th minute, hoping that some genius would save him from the Portuguese star, who had time to launch a free-kick that went over the crossbar.

Great game by goalkeeper Paleari

The extension began with Juventus overturned and with a chance of Morata in which the very safe goalkeeper Paleari, the best in Genoa, was again providential, as in another subsequent unbeatable opportunity for the Turinese to score.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who always generates an intimidating presence in rivals, facilitated the 3-2 of the Juve in minute 104 with an action that continued Morata with a pass to Raffia, which scored fortunately after several rejections from the Genoese defense.

Paleari, meanwhile, continued with his recital under sticks and avoided the sentence by clearing ‘in extremis’ a shot from Kulusevski. In the end, Juventus suffered a huge pass against Genoa who touched the bell.

3- Juventus: Buffon; Dragusin, Demiral (Danilo, 65 ‘), Chiellini (Bonucci, 65’); Wesley (Cristiano Ronaldo, 88 ‘), Arthur, Bentancur (Rabiot, 46’), Bernardeschi; Kulusevski, Morata and Portanova (Raffia, 77 ‘)

2- Genoa: Paleari; Goldaniga, Bani, Dumbravanu (Males, 97 ‘); Ghiglione, Lerager, Rovella, Melegoni (Radovanovic, 105 ‘), Czyborra (Eboa, 115’); Scamacca and Pjaca

Goals: 1-0, Kulusevski (2 ‘); 2-0, Morata (23 ‘); 2-1, Czyborra (28 ‘); 2-2, Melegoni (74 ‘); 3-2, Raffia (104 ‘)

Referee: Daniele Chiffi. He showed a yellow card to Bentancur (25 ‘), Dumbravanu (29’), Ghiglione (41 ‘), Goldaniga (92’), Bani (116 ‘) and Rovella (119’)

Stadium: Behind closed doors at Allianz Stadium