Cristiano Ronaldo He has given the go-ahead to lower his salary as a measure to alleviate the great economic damages that affect Juventus due to the break in all the competitions caused by the coronavirus. The Portuguese striker is the best paid in Serie A, with 31 million net a year, and the cut in his salary would make him stop entering an amount close to four million euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo has given the go-ahead to cut his salary for the duration of the stoppage caused by the coronavirus. According to Tuttosport, the Portuguese striker, after talking on the phone with Giorgio Chiellini –The Juve captain who has acted as an intermediary between the board and each of the players–, would have accepted the proposal to lower the salary, being this one of the first routes that the clubs have considered to try to face the difficult economic situation in which they are seeing since the pandemic forced to stop all competitions.

The Portuguese crack is willing to give up an amount close to 4 million euros, being the 7th bianconero the one who will see his card cut the most as he is the best paid in the entire Series A. Another gesture more than demonstrates Cristiano Ronaldo’s commitment to Juventus in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

This resignation to a part of his salary is not the only position that Cristiano Ronaldo has taken to try to contribute his grain of sand in the fight against the coronavirus and its consequences. The Portuguese star donated in recent days a million euros to hospitals and also has achieved five respirators for a Madeira hospital, according to information from the Portuguese newspaper A Bola.