Justin Timberlake’s emotional message to Britney Spears after the hearing

The singer who had a relationship with Spears in the late nineties and ended in 2002 wrote a message on Twitter in defense of his ex. “No one should EVER be held against their will … or having to ask permission to access everything they have worked so hard for, ”he wrote on Twitter.

He then went on to write that after what he saw today – referring to Britney’s court speech -, everyone should be supporting the singer and clarified that despite his past and his failed relationship with her, shouldn’t be living under an abusive and controlling system because it’s just not the right thing to do. “No woman is owed never restrict the ability to make decisions about your own body”He added.

In the end, he shared another message on the platform in which he says that both he and his wife, Jessica Biel send love and support to Britney and commented that he hopes that them Courts and her family let her live as she prefers.

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