Justin Timberlake criticized on ‘SNL’ for late apology to Britney Spears

Photo: Justin Timberlake criticized on ‘SNL’ for his late apology to Britney Spears / Via NBC

The most recent episode of ‘Saturday night Live’ showed a criticism of the apology « 20 years late » Justin Timberlake toward Britney Spears.

Recently, Timberlake made public an apology to Spears for the treatment he gave her already Janet jackson in the past and once it was shown in the recent documentary about the singer, ‘Framing Britney Spears’.

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During last weekend’s episode of ‘SNL’ Britney was played by Chloe fineman, who had her own fake talk show where she greeted those who needed to apologize to her.

In the clip, the actress says, “I basically started this show, oops, they did it again, so people come and apologize for the things they did wrong, because after the documentary came out, I get hundreds of apologies a day. ”.

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A couple of weeks ago the documentary was published, ‘Framing Britney Spears’, which focuses on the guardianship of which she is a victim by her father, who is in charge of her business and financial decisions, in addition to the sexist treatment that the singer has received over the years.

Following the release of the documentary, Spears has been the subject of a great deal of support for her, as well as some apologies for her treatment of the mass media.