Justin Lin “killed” Han for good

One of the big surprises of ‘Fast & Furious 9’ is the already announced return of Han (Sung Kang) after his “death” in the sixth installment. As in this ninth installment, Justin Lin also directed the sixth and, like the fans, thought they had fired Han “for good.” But the series had other plans and Lin himself had to find a way to bring back a character he had “killed” himself. This is how he explained it for Digital Spy:


It was all for the movement, #JusticeForHan, I give the fans all the credit. When I found out why it existed, I was equally puzzled and maybe a little upset. I felt like it needed to be corrected. It is not an easy thing. I don’t wake up every day wanting to bring back dead characters but I felt this was important. We went through a lot of iterations and ultimately I felt like he deserved his own movie in some way, giving the reason why he wasn’t part of this family during that time. It was an approach that I felt that hopefully I can share with the audience in this movie, but only at a few points and hopefully in future installments and if the universe is lucky enough to expand we will be able to dig into that much more.

In addition to Han, Lin also believed she had said goodbye to the franchise after its sixth installment. However, Vin Diesel laid the groundwork for his return, which he thanks him for:

Vin would call me and we would catch up and start talking about Dominic Toretto, which I thought was really funny, ‘Okay, great, I’m out, but let’s keep talking about Dom.’ Looking back now, I think it was just too smart to plant the seeds on my back. I think it came up with the idea of ​​maybe exploring the family theme more, but through the blood, which hadn’t been done in the previous eight chapters, the idea of ​​that for me presents an opening to be able to go back to delve into the beginning of mythology. I think those are the two ideas that I felt like we had never done something like that, so it was worth going back and challenging ourselves to see if we can tell this story.

‘Fast & Furious 9’ will premiere in Spain on July 2.

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