Justin Bieber seems to be interested in meditation

Since he was discovered in 2008 by a former music executive, Justin Bieber’s life has changed forever.

Fame surprised Justin Bieber at the age of fifteen, when he released his single “One Time” with immediate acceptance in a dozen countries.

Still, the boom in his career came in 2010 when “Baby” put him in the sights of the whole world.

After having added more than 300 million views of this song within weeks of its release, Justin would never be the same again.

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Demanding with himself and conscious of what he yearned for, he worked in collaborations with Kanye West, Drake, Diplo and Major Lazer for their next albums.

However, Justin has always continued to push himself into the future. At the beginning of 2020, his single “Yummy” was the perfect reason to go back on tour, until the coronavirus outbreak occurred.

Sheltered in his home, he returned to his roots and shared a little of himself on the platform that saw him born artistically: Youtube.

This is how on October 30, the documentary “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter”, In which he narrates emotional moments of his recent years.

This is how on October 30 he released the documentary Backgrid USA / The Grosby Group

Among them are the days before his wedding with the model Hailey Baldwin and reflections on his life and career.

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Although this film of almost half an hour brings the singer closer to his audience, it is not enough to make catharsis about the whirlwind that is his life.

To return to his mental calm, he has been seen looking for meditative spaces, as happened a few days ago on the beaches of Malibu.

Away from his wife and friends, Justin enjoyed the sunny day, while appearing to follow yoga or meditation instructions on his tablet.

With no relationship or career issues involved, Justin has simply admitted enjoying his individuality, which is always valid and healthy.