Justin Bieber says goodbye to dreadlocks, is he tired of criticism?

Justin Bieber seems to have had his dreadlocks long enough to have decided to shave once and for all.

After being severely criticized on multiple occasions for having made dreadlocks and thus incurring cultural appropriation, Justin Bieber shaved himself and has been satisfied with the result.

Although Justin seemed very comfortable with his dreadlocks and was experimenting with different hairstyles and was even encouraging himself to dress in a more colorful way than usual, it seems that he made the decision to ditch them on an impulse.

A few days ago he shared a photograph in which he appears with his wife in which he already had this cropped look that seems to cause him a strange sensation when he strokes his head.

A few days later, he was seen visiting a commercial premises located on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, which has raised doubts about the future plans that Bieber has, or if he wants to invest in any business in addition to his clothing line and his career. musical.

Curiously, to attend the appointment he dressed less baggy than usual, and even gave a much more serious appearance at first impression that even came as a surprise to the friends who accompanied him.

Justin kept a good mood during their outing, drank some coffee and chatted with his colleagues without any pressure for time; He even agreed to take a picture when asked.

It seems that having announced the calendar of dates of his concerts for 2022 has him quite happy for the idea of ​​touring many of the states of Canada and the United States in which he has achieved quite a lot of acceptance.

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