Justin Bieber publishes, just two weeks after his last album, the album ‘Freedom’, with 6 unreleased songs

Barely two weeks after the release of their last studio album, Justin Bieber has published in the last hours by surprise a new album with unreleased songs, the EP titled Freedom.

Six are the themes included in this recording that the Canadian artist announced through his social networks with a message as sober as the cover that accompanies it: the screenshot of a mobile, completely blank, and with an open note-taking app in which the name of the EP can be read.

The completely new tracks run through a calm, black and urban sound, between hip hop, r & b and atmospheric pop, and are constituted in all cases except one by collaborations with artists such as BEAM, Brandon Love and Chandler Moor, Judah Smith, and Tori Kelly.

The titles of the songs are, in this order: Freedom, All She Wrote, We’re In This Together, Where You Go I Follow, Where Do I Fit In and Afraid To Say.

Was the past March, 19 when Bieber (London, Ontario, 1994) published Justice, the album that in turn saw the light only a year after the previous Changes, with which it obtained three nominations for the last Grammy, including those of “best vocal pop album” and “best pop solo performance”.

Up the pace

With this new release, the third in just over 12 months, the Canadian greatly intensifies its production rate in recent years, since he did not edit anything in the five years that followed the success of Purpose (2015), a time in which he was mainly focused on his personal recovery.

De Justice said that his purpose, “now that our planet suffers so much and humanity needs healing and also needs justice, is to provide comfort and make songs with which people can connect and feel less alone. “