After two fans accused Justin Bieber of having sexually abused them between 2014 and 2015, the singer has decided to speak out to defend himself and put an end to this murky issue: « Normally I do not answer things since I have spent my entire career dealing with strange accusations, but after talking to my wife and with my team I have decided to talk about it. Rumors are rumors, but sexual abuse is something I do not take lightly. I have wanted to talk about this and out of respect for all those victims who deal with these problems, and I have wanted to make sure I had all the details before making any statement, « he assured.

Apparently on one of the alleged nights when he abused one of the fans they were with Selena Gomez, her ex-girlfriend: « There is no truth in this story. In fact, as I will demonstrate, I was never in that place. They say I surprised a crowd in Austin, where I appeared on stage with my assistant and sang some songs. person did not know is that I attended that concert with my then girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and we were not staying at the Four Seasons, but in an AirBnb, « he said.

« Every complaint of sexual abuse must be taken very seriously. However, this story is really impossible and that is why I will work with Twitter and the authorities to take legal action, » he concludes.

One of the young women published her testimony on Twitter on Saturday, after two others previously did so. « If Justin gets to see this, he knows who I am. I know you will remember. I hope your life is hell after this and that you drown in guilt, » Danielle recounted to start a creepy event: « The 9th I was sexually abused by Justin Bieber on March 2014. He was with his ex-girlfriend at a concert in Houston, Texas. Me and two friends learned that Scooter (the manager) had an event at Banger’s Sausage House that night in Austin, Texas. Cody Simpson, Tory Kelly, The Wanted and more went to the event. Later, Justin Bieber surprised the audience of about 100 people and sang a couple of songs. My friends and I were enjoying the night until a man approached us and she said if we wanted to wait to meet Justin when the show ended. Obviously we said yes. My friends and I thought it was weird at first, but we stayed until the end because we were fans. Justin came up to us, he took off a couple of photos and spoke about 20 minutes cough. Justin and another man invited us to the Four Seasons Hotel. Upon arrival, Justin’s friend took my two friends and he took me to another room. He made me promise not to tell anyone or I would have a legal problem. He asked for my phone and put it on charge. I asked him if it was an excuse to take it off and he told me to go to bed with him, « he confirmed.

A harsh testimony that has been accompanied by an accusation in which Danielle confirms that Justin began to touch her and undress her without her consent. Then another girl named Kadi joined in the complaints. In his case, he assured that on May 4, 2015 he was in New York trying to take a photo with the star and that the next day one of the singer’s bodyguards gave him his phone number, although she assures that he did not correspond giving you yours. Later, the young woman was invited to the hotel where Bieber was staying and asked her to speak a little in French. According to Kadi, the singer sexually harassed her in the bathroom of the hotel room.