“Justice spoke and now is the time for politics”

Grande-Marlaska, with Sánchez in an act (Photo: JAVIER SORIANO via . via .)

Now is the time “for politics”, defends Fernando Grande-Marlaska. The Minister of the Interior has defended that the pardons to the prisoners of the procés do not imply any interference in the sentence of the Supreme Court, but “justice spoke and now is another moment, that of politics with absolute respect for the sentence.”

Marlaska has responded to the press after having met this Wednesday with the US Secretary of Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, a meeting that highlighted the “great harmony” between the two. The representative of the Joe Biden Administration has avoided evaluating the pardons, referring to the words of the Spanish minister.

“Justice spoke as it happens in a strong, serious State with division of powers and now is another moment, the moment of politics with absolute respect for the sentence handed down by the Supreme Court, each State power assuming its responsibilities within its competences “, added the Minister of the Interior, underlining that what the Executive wants is” to look to the future, continue with dialogue and promote coexistence. “

Grande-Marlaska has included pardons in the policies promoted by the Government of Pedro Sánchez. “This is not a sporadic event, we have been in dialogue for three years, since June 2018, re-establishing the coordination of all ministerial departments; it was one of the first indications that President Sánchez gave us ”, he said.

This is not a sporadic event, we have been in dialogue for three years Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of the Interior

In this sense, it has been traced back to the Supreme Court ruling that sentenced in October 2019 the prisoners of October 1 for the crimes of sedition, embezzlement and disobedience. “In these three years, in a strong and consolidated democracy such as Spain, has been held …

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