Justice removes the reason from a divorced father who opposed the vaccination of his children

First day of school at a school in Madrid, on September 7, 2021. (Photo: Marta Fernandez Jara / Europa Press via .)

A judge in Barcelona has resolved for the first time a dispute between a separated couple about the protection measures against the coronavirus of their two minor children and has given the reason to the mother, in favor of vaccinating them and subjecting them to PCR tests.

In a car, which the newspaper ARA advanced this Monday, the head of the Court of First Instance number 51 of Barcelona has granted the mother of the minors the power to make decisions in relation to protection and prevention measures against covid .

The woman took the case to court, after her ex-partner was against both the vaccination of minors – 15 and 16 years old – and that they underwent a coronavirus detection test when they presented symptoms of the disease, for which he communicated it to the school alleging the “great uncertainty” of the measures against the pandemic.

Children were reluctant to get vaccinated because of the father’s propaganda

This had caused the children to be reluctant to get vaccinated, because, according to the judge in his car, their father has been collecting information about the supposed side effects of the vaccines for months.

In her order, the judge concludes that the most beneficial solution for the children is “to attribute to the mother the power to decide in relation to pediatric visits and vaccination of minors” and recalls that the father has not provided “any reasoned reason ”To oppose it.

In this sense, the magistrate emphasizes that the administration of vaccines “does not imply an attack on the physical integrity” of children and that “the benefits of the same not only for the protection of minors but also for society by avoiding future infections , are far superior to the inconveniences of its administration ”.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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