“Justice is sometimes slow, but it always comes”

06/11/2021 at 6:53 PM CEST


Slovenian Aleksander ceferin, president of UEFA, assured this Friday that “justice is sometimes slow, but it always comes“, when referring to possible sanctions against him Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus Turin for the launch of the Super league European, by which there is a disciplinary procedure that has been suspended only temporarily.

“Justice is sometimes slow, but always comes. I did not go into much detail, but the will is to resolve the issue through the courts“Ceferin said in an interview with Italian public television” Rai “a few hours after the start of the Eurocup.

“The way I see things, it is not a definitive ‘stop’. First, Let’s clear up the legal issues, and then we’ll move on“He added, referring to the open procedure against Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, and momentarily interrupted last Wednesday.

Ceferin and UEFA opened a procedure for a possible violation of the legal framework of the body in relation to the Superliga project and in recent months the relations between the president and Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have been very tense.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that these clubs They are like children that they skip the school, they are not invited to the birthday parties and then they try to enter the party helped by the police “, insisted the president of the UEFA.

Asked if he would shake the hand of Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, after the controversies generated by the Superliga, Ceferin preferred not to answer, but suggested with a smile that the Juventine president “know the answer“.

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