Nine years later, the Buenos Aires Criminal Cassation Chamber confirmed on Monday the sentences of the three convicted of the crime of Candela Sol Rodríguez, the 11-year-old girl kidnapped and murdered in 2011 in the Buenos Aires party of Hurlingham.

Room IV, made up of the judges Ricardo Maidana, Ricardo Borinsky and Fernando Mancini, thus confirmed the conviction for the three defendants who in 2017 had been tried by the Oral Criminal Court No. 3 of Morón. In the case of Hugo Elbio Bermúdez (63) and Leonardo Daniel Jara (43), ratified the penalty to life imprisonment as co-authors of the crime of « illegal deprivation of coercive liberty followed by death » and four years in jail for Gabriel Fabián Gómez (49) like “Secondary participant” the fact.

On this last case, the confirmation of Gómez’s conviction was by the majority vote of Maidana and Mancini, while Borinsky dissented that there was no certainty to condemn him for the fact. The elements that Morón’s TOC No. 3 weighed for the convictions in that oral trial were DNA tests, which showed the captivity of the girl in the house at 992 Kiernan street, in Hurlingham, and that they linked Bermúdez, who was also implicated with the burning of evidence in the home of his former partner.

Also, audio expertise confirmed that Jara was the author of a call with a message sent Carola Labrador, Candela’s mother, in which they said: « Until that conchuda does not return the twine she will never see her again, that she asks her husband where she left the twine ».

In the foundations of that judgment of September 20, 2017, judges Diego Bonanno, Raquel Lafourcade and Mariela Moralejo They maintained that the motive for the girl’s illegal deprivation was a « Settlement of accounts against the father (of Candela), for some wrongful act that he committed », referring to Alfredo Rodríguez, who at the time of the kidnapping of his daughter was serving a sentence for piracy of the asphalt.

“There were nine years of struggle. When I found her lying in the open field to my daughter, I promised her that she would do justice. So today I cry with joy « , Labrador told . about the decision of the Buenosairean Court of Cassation that confirmed the sentence of the oral trial.

The woman recalled that her daughter « was thrown like a dog in a bag » in a field of the Hurlingham party and that it was the girl who gave her « the strength so that today the accused have perpetual ». Labrador added that the two convicted with the maximum sentence as co-authors of the crime “There are two less degenerates who are going to screw up the life of a family”. « I am happy because after so many years the life sentence for these degenerates was confirmed », said.

For the Candela case There will be a second trial, probably in 2021, in which drug trafficker Miguel Angel « Mameluco » Villalba (56) will be judged as « necessary participants » in the girl’s crime, sentenced to 27 years in prison for a series of drug trafficking cases in the 9 de Julio villa in San Martín; along with former Buenos Aires police officer Sergio Chazarreta (52); the accused police informant Héctor “El Topo” Moreyra (50); and the carpenter Néstor Altamirano (59).

For Morón prosecutor Mario Ferrario, Villalba led the criminal organization that committed Candela’s kidnapping and crime. Regarding the motive for the crime, for the prosecution two issues were combined: one, that Villalba wanted to take revenge on the girl’s father, Alfredo RodríguezBecause he believed that he had « dated » the Federal Police (PFA) to arrest him 13 days before Candela’s disappearance. And the other was that the criminal organization sought to settle accounts with the victim’s father. -at that time arrested for piracy of the asphalt- for an economic debt.

In addition, three senior police chiefs of the moment, the former chiefs of the Buenos Aires Police Hugo Matzkin and Juan Carlos Paggi, and the former commissioner in charge of Investigations of that force Roberto Castronuovo, they were investigated last year for “aggravated cover-up” in the Candela case, although they were later dismissed, but the Attorney General of Morón appealed that resolution last February.

Candela was last seen alive on August 22, 2011 in the Buenos Aires town of Villa Tesei, part of Hurlingham -where she lived-, when she was waiting for some friends to go to the meeting of the group of boy scouts to which she belonged. The 28th, the girl’s aunt received the extortion call attributed to Jara, while on the 31st of the same month the victim’s body appeared in a bag, next to the collector of the Autopista del Oeste, about 30 blocks from your house.