Just a towel, Kylie Jenner covers her prominent charms

Just a towel, Kylie Jenner covers her prominent charms (INSTAGRAM)

Only a towel, Kylie Jenner covers her prominent charms | INSTAGRAM

There is no such thing as recognized and successful businesswoman, Kylie Jenner, has not done to appear on the Instagram of her more than 216 million followers that she has to date, apparently nothing stops her and she will always do whatever comes to mind to generate millions of “likes” .

As happened on this occasion, several years ago, when she decided for the first time to appear on her favorite social network dressed in a single textile garment, in this case, it was a soft white bath towel, the award-winning one in covering her prominent attributes physical.

Paralyzing her loyal fans, the Instagram model decided to pose very confident and proud to show his skin in front of social networks, and he did not hesitate much, as he published this image of him, captured by one of his favorite photographers for his incredible sessions.

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What’s more, the socialite I tag in the photo her also favorite makeup artist, who makes her the best neutral makeup, which she most likely does with the businesswoman’s brand, because, there is no one in the world better than herself to promote it, besides that, thanks to the impeccable work by her makeup artist, Kylie’s skin looks extremely hydrated and always at its best

Although in this image Jenner’s younger sister She did not show us her body almost exposed, as she usually does, without a doubt she surprised her loyal admirers of the application, because as we said before, the young woman’s skin looks phenomenal.

So, posing quietly in profile and staring into the lens, Kylie appeared in her entertainment room, holding her fluffy towel at chest height, surely this time she didn’t want to show off her prominent front attributes.

The splendid image shows us the smooth and moisturized skin of the beautiful face of the most famous sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan, and a spectacular nude makeup, with the perfect amount of makeup to make Kylie look fantastic, fresh and jovial.

It is worth mentioning that both Kylie and all the other members of this media family, have worked for years hand in hand with Andrew Fitzsimons, the official stylist and hairdresser of a large number of celebrities in the United States, and some other international.

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Andrew has been behind the most iconic looks of the photo shoots of Kylie and all the other members of the “Klan”, such as, for example, the impressive photograph of “King Cobra”, the costume that the socialite used for this last Halloween.

Likewise, the makeup of this image in question, as well as most of the others where the businesswoman participated, was in charge of Ariel, who has also been working with Kim, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloe, who are the ones that appear the most. behind the reflectors.

It is important to mention that, as a result of this image posted by Stormi’s young and beautiful mother, the other Instagrammer girls began to appear in this way in their photo shoots, well, it is not a secret that whatever Kylie or anyone does Of the other sisters, an infinity of women on Instagram recreate it almost immediately, as they are a source of inspiration, in order to earn a few “likes”.