Just a thread away, Ana Cheri about to teach too much!

Just a thread away, Ana Cheri about to teach too much! | Instagram

The model American-born Ana Cheri once again captivated her fans thanks to the recent content she posted on Instagram, where she appears in two photos delighting the pupil of her fans with her beautiful figure, which she was about to show too much because she used a tiny Swimwear It was barely held up by a few tiny threads.

Ana Cheri Despite being a celebrity on social networks, he always keeps a smile for his fans and even, it was precisely them that he thought of when he decided to publish more daring content both on Instagram and on his OnlyFans, page that continually promotes because it is free for its followers.

In the aforementioned publication, he has appeared on his Instagram for 12 hours, until now he has more than two thousand comments and approximately 240 thousand red hearts, among the comments we find his fans more than amazed by his safety and above all more than by its beauty the value it gives to women.

With only two images, Ana Cheri managed to have a large audience, especially when they saw the second image where she appears even more impressive.

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Can you imagine the beautiful Ana Cheri sitting on a bench with her legs slightly open, wearing a white cap, a coral-colored top that, being quite tiny, lets her charms show through the bottom, as well as a piece of a swimsuit that barely covers her nobIes parts, this is how the model is dressed.

Although this image is quite suggestive, there is no doubt that the one who took the honor of being shared is the second image that appears in the publication, and that makes direct reference to its description, where it is asked when it will be possible to normalize that women have stretch marks.


For this, Ana Cheri appears on her back in the second image, sitting in the same place, only now she is on her back, her tanned skin is reflected by the rays of the sun. Ana Cheri is in what seems to be a recreation area.

The interesting and striking thing about the second snapshot is that without any pain as the model and businesswoman is used to, it seems that for the first time she is showing us her stretch marks, which are on the sides of her hips, in her posterior charms, while the beautiful model pulls a little the threads that are on the sides seem that they are about to break.

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Several Internet users agreed with her description, the fact that it should be normalized especially when the person who is teaching them is extremely beautiful as is her case, several of her followers simply repeated over and over again that she was totally beautiful and that he shouldn’t worry about what others might think.

With this we realize that nobody is perfect, it should be noted that not all models or personalities of the show are sincere and share their nature outside of photographic editions and others, that is why Ana Cheri continues to win the hearts of her followers.

Despite the fact that the model loves to travel like many other personalities, it seems that she is at home next to her husband Ben moreland, who like her is dedicated to being a fitness coach, this is because in her most recent publications she appears in similar scenarios, so she surely continues to take care of herself from the comfort of her home to avoid the pandemic as many continue to do.