Just a silk skirt, elegant Demi Rose models her charms

Only a silk skirt, elegant Demi Rose models her charms | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful british model Demi Rose has once again surprised her audience and this time she was only wearing a silk skirt to pose elegant and beautiful in front of the professional camera with which she was captured.

That’s right, this is the last post in your Official instagram, in which we could see that he was in a photoshoot with his production team in order to release this attractive and beautiful image that his audience has already loved.

So good has been the reception of the snapshot that even almost reaches half a million likes, as well as thousands of comments where her fans dedicate themselves to writing their best compliments, compliments and even expressing their love and admiration because most of those who follow her adore her.

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In the Photography What stands out the most is her beautiful silhouette that was with her back to the lens and posing on one of her knees while with one foot she stepped on fruit with and the other rested on a carpet that looks quite comfortable in the background a wooden closet that works perfectly to bring out the colors of the young british.

Another thing that his fans enjoy a lot in his entertainment piece is to see that long light brown hair, it is worth mentioning that he was recently reporting that he was not undergoing a hair treatment but he had not shown us much of the results, however some others They consider that I could make a wig but the truth is that we could not guarantee it because the British model does not stop changing her looks.


In his stories, of course, he showed us a little more about his personal life, taking us to that room of his mansion where he has his harp, a guitar and many other instruments, that he is learning to play via the internet, connecting through video calls with a teacher. that has taught him to understand music theory and especially to start playing his beloved instruments.

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Finally, he also showed us a video in which he appears with one of his kittens, the one who first had one that is very furry and tender, which by the way was asking him for a little more food while the young woman repeated that he had already eaten enough.

Demi Rose continue to pamper the pupils of her fans through this type of attractive photographs, so it would be best to be aware of Show News, since here we will rescue all her information, novelties, curiosities and much more so you do not miss it.