Partner, the investment marketplace with an outstanding performance in collaborative finance, is preparing to launch into the market an innovation which will allow its users buy and sell assets on the platform without the need to find a counterparty, giving them more tools for their operations.

A big step from the platform was last year with its own cryptocurrency, the Inve Coin, which generated more than $ 9 million in sales during its issuance process at the end of 2019 and today it already has an average capitalization of more than $ 90 million.

Now the platform enters a new stage of the future of decentralized finance, which they call “the next natural step in the investment revolution”, and which begins with the seizure of the liquidity phase of the CLPS continuous liquidity protocol -for its acronym in English Continuous Liquidity Protocol System– which will be launched with the “Glowing” the may 31.

To enter the CLPS you can invest in USD, pesos, Inves or even tokens from other projects, in exchange for which users will receive Liqui Tokens, which are the tokens that represent a portion of the CLPS and that they will have their own quote within the platform. Until May 31, you can invest in Liqui Tokens with discount price for pre-sale and thus be part of this project that revolutionizes the future of decentralized finance.

The CLPS will allow all projects on the platform, including the Inve Coin, have continuous liquidity, giving users the possibility of making purchase or sale operations 24 hours a day without the need to find a counterpart to carry it out.

In addition, each Liqui Tokens investor will participate in a part of the commissions for the operations carried out on the trading platform and you will have the right to participate in making some decisions about how the protocol works.

“These are times when everyone understands how important technology is in all aspects of daily life. Investments are no exception. And the blockchain technology applied to investments, it allows development to be contributed while democratizing access to alternatives that were previously reserved only for a privileged sector. Financial inclusion is our mission and there we go. We carry innovation in our DNA and we believe that the Continuous Liquidity Protocol System is absolutely disruptive and we want the entire community to also be able to participate in this project, in a simple, transparent and fair way, ”he explained. Guido Quaranta, CEO of Partner

Investments online and without barriers

Partner It is an investment platform that allows direct connection between the projects of entrepreneurs and companies with the interest of those who seek to invest their savings and increase their wealth, thus achieving the financing of such projects. The remarkable thing about this marketplace is that the process 100% online, transparently and without intermediaries and –to take into account- without the restriction of minimum amounts.

In 3 years Partner it has, with more than 2,200,000 operations carried out, for 13 billion pesos that financed more than 240 projects – ranging from real estate, loan portfolios, automobile imports, shoe brands and livestock, among other options – and where daily more than 9 thousand transactions are carried out. This added to the growth of the Inve Coin, the digital currency based on smart contracts that exceeded growth expectations reaching more than 4,000 people in more than 17,060 investments.

The new modality

Partner will launch the CLPS that will allow users to join the world of decentralized finance through Liqui Token. This continuous liquidity protocol (CLPS) combines technology and capital reserves so that the investor can sell or buy their investments without waiting for anyone on the other side to accept their offer. You can invest in dollars, pesos, Inves or even tokens from other projects. The invested capital will be used to provide liquidity to the platform, facilitating the purchase-sale operations at market prices and, in turn, the Liqui Tokens will allow to be part of a percentage of the commissions for the trades, and capital and interest payments made on the platform.

Liqui Tokens will trade and have their own price, which will be defined by the market. That is, the user can sell them at any time to obtain liquidity on their investment. In addition, keeping Liqui Tokens in the portfolio provides advantages such as participation in making certain decisions about the operation of the CLPS. This mechanism will work as in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where the weight in the final decision of each user’s vote depends on the number of tokens they have. The Glowing It will be the ignition of the CLPS on May 31.

Inve, the antecedent

Although Liqui Token is a novelty, it is not the first step of Partner on that path: the antecedent is Inve Coin, the cryptocurrency developed by the company. With it, he achieved a total of $ 9.1 million during the process that took place until the end of October 2019,

Since the end of December, Inve Coin has been traded on the company’s trading platform, where the market valued the project at $ 90 million.