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Junji Ito gave a lot to talk about last weekend, after he mentioned that he could be part of a terror project led by Hideo Kojima. The possibility definitely moved many, who expected to see Kojima’s return as the creator of a dark experience at the hands of Ito, recognized for his horror manga. Although the writer and illustrator hinted that it was something formal, it seems to be far from coming true.

After his comments received a lot of attention, Junji Ito published today, July 27, a message on his Twitter account that expands on the statements he made in an interview during Comic-Con 2020. Although in his responses he managed always as a possibility the collaboration with Hideo Kojima, hinted that the creative was already planning a horror project.

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Junji Ito apologized for possible misunderstandings

However, Ito clarified that, although they did take place, those talks he referred to in the interview were actually an informal conversation with Hideo Kojima, in which the leader of Kojima Productions asked the mangaka to be part of the development in case the project solidifies.

« In a past interview, I casually mentioned that I received an offer from Mr. Kojima, but actually, it was a comment made at a party where he said, ‘If there’s an opportunity, I can ask for your help.’ I apologize to Mr. Kojima and all his fans to whom I could have given false hope, « said the mangaka, according to the translation of eigogamejikkyo.

Ito mentioned in the last interview that he was not working on a video game, but fans were thrilled to learn that he might be involved in Kojima’s horror project. After these statements, everything seems to indicate that Kojima has not yet formally worked on his horror game, although it seems that he has very revolutionary ideas.

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Kojima Productions has just released Death Stranding on PC, having worked on this title for almost 5 years. That said, it is normal to think that the Japanese creative is already thinking about making his new game. Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about his production, although there are some clues that suggest that he could be one of the people in charge of bringing Silent Hill back. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page.

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