‘Jungle Cruise’: Jack Whitehall talks about the sexuality of his character and his most important scene

On July 30, ‘Jungle Cruise’ hits theaters and at Disney + (with Premium Access). Although Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are the absolute protagonists of the adventure directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, They are accompanied in The Rock’s boat by Jack Whitehall as MacGregor Houghton, Lily’s brother, Emily Blunt’s character.. We have known for a long time that MacGregor is gay, Disney itself announced it by once again hanging the medal of diversity. But will he really be an openly LGTBQ character or will we be facing a case of queerbaiting again?

In the movie MacGregor has a scene where he opens up to Frank, Dwayne Johnson’s character, explaining that he has rejected three marriages of convenience because “his interests are happily elsewhere”, which has led him to be disowned by practically everyone in London except for his sister, who has always supported him. In the scene he does not get to say aloud or that he is gay or homosexual, he simply says that he is disowned “for the person he loves.”

The meaning of the scene

Speaking with Slash Film, Whitehall explains that as a queer person (detail that was not known when his casting was announced) he also finds it “frustrating when Disney says ‘our new gay character’ and it is a moment that can be cut in the film, a moment gay that if you blink you’ll miss it “and believes that the MacGregor scene is important to get to know the character. This is how he defends the scene and his character: “We totally understood the meaning of the scene. I’m not going to lie, I got really nervous because I wanted the scene to be correct. We talk a lot about the subject. I love that they have a place in the movie for that moment, and I love that that scene is there. I love what you learn from MacGregor, and that he has an interesting and rich past, he is a complex man, a fully drawn character. We talk about the comic secondary characters – very often in these films those characters are one-dimensional and we don’t learn anything from them.. I think the fact that we have that scene in the movie makes you get more involved with MacGregor as a character, that you care about him and you want to walk the road with him. Seeing where it ends at the end of the movie is great. I loved it in the script and I wanted the audience to connect emotionally, hopefully they will like what we have done. “

We will see how the public responds to the scene and if homophobic countries like Russia or China take some kind of measure or force Disney to put the scissors. ‘Jungle Cruise’ sets sail on July 30 in theaters and on Disney + (with Premium Access) in search of the Tree of Life, whose flowers are capable of curing any type of disease or curse. LGBTIphobia too?

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