We analyze at Cinemascomics the Blu-Ray in Jumanji’s metal box: Next Level, the sequel to the highest grossing film in the history of Sony Pictures

At Cinemascomics we have analyzed the Blu-Ray Steelbook home edition of Jumanji: Next Level, continuation of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, in which we will see how after recovering the legendary game from the Robin Williams movie, they tell us how we live an adventure again in the now Jumanji video game.

The movie Jumanji: Next Level It is already on sale in stores on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD, digital rental and sale (physical editions are available only in online stores while exceptional measures due to the Covid-19 crisis are in force) and also the launch of two Blu-ray steelbooks, one featuring Jumanji: Next Level, and one featuring this movie and its predecessor, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. As well as a pack, already on sale, with the 3 films that make up the franchise to date (there is already talk of a new installment). The Sony Pictures film is distributed in Spain in physical format by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

In this new installment, the funniest avatars charge again, again against their will, played by Dwayne Johnson (Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), Jack Black (Nightmares), Kevin Hart (School For Failed) and Karen Gillan (Avengers: Endgame). But, this time, the game has changed … And the players too! When they return to Jumanji to rescue one of their friends, they discover that nothing is what they expected and that the character choice is random. So, with a new and unknown mission, and without knowing how to control their avatars, they will have to face exotic and unexplored places, from arid deserts to snowy mountains, to escape the most dangerous game in the world, again. New characters will add laughter and bizarre situations, being embodied by a spectacular cast that adds in the sequel, such as Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Danny DeVito (Dumbo), Awkwafina (The Farewell) and Rory McCann (Game of Thrones).

Jumanji: Next Level It has been written by Jake Kasdan, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg (based on Chris Van Allsburg’s book Jumanji) and is re-directed by Jake Kasdan. In turn, it is produced by Matt Tolmach, Jake Kasdan, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia. While the executive producers are David Householter, Melvin Mar, Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, William Teitler, Ted Field, and Mike Weber. The tape lasts approximately 123 minutes and is rated as not recommended for children under 7 years.

The film is shown in its Blu-Ray Steelbook version overflowing with extras, with over an hour of additional content, which we have analyzed for Cinemascomics readers. The analysis of the Blu-Ray in a metal box is completely free of spoilers, in case you have not had the opportunity to see it yet and want to know what extras it contains.


DVD: Audio in Spanish, English, Russian, audio description service in English and Ukrainian: 5.1 Dolby Digital. Subtitles in Spanish, English, English for the deaf, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish and Ukrainian. Movie and extras in standard definition, wide screen (2.39: 1). BLU-RAY: Audio in Spanish, English 5.1 DTS-HD MA, Russian, Ukrainian 5.1 Dolby Digital. Audio of additional content in English Subtitles in Spanish, English, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian. Subtitles of the additional content in Spanish. High definition film, wide screen (2.39: 1). Extras in high definition 4K UHD: Audio in Spanish, Japanese 5.1 DTS-HD MA, English DTS: X Master Audio. Subtitles in Spanish, English, Japanese. Audio of additional content in English. Subtitles of the additional content in Spanish. Ultra high definition film, wide screen (2.39: 1). Extras in high definition.


False shots (6 minutes):

Laughter, overacting, improvisation, swearing, yelling, situations that ruin the shot and forgotten dialogues are part of the coil of false shots.

Body change: Adjusting to the character (6 minutes):

Jumanji’s idea is that the game conspires to show you who you really can be and who you really are, says producer Matt Tolmach. While Jake Kasdan, director, screenwriter and producer of the film, indicates that it was important to find a way to broaden the idea, so that it didn’t seem like they were doing the same thing again; so changing the characters that the avatars of the game occupied seemed to them a fantastic idea. In this way, the cast comments on how well they had with these changes and the comic opportunities it offered them.

Back together: Gathering the cast (4 minutes):

The young cast outside of the video game talks about how much fun it has been to reunite and record the sequel, as well as expose the evolution of their characters. But, in turn, the main cast, the avatars of the game, talk about the return to filming, how well they get along with each other and the incredible chemistry between them.

Level up: The Creation (14 minutes):

Dwayne Johnson talks that after the success of the first, the bar had to be raised and the bet increased. For Jake Kasdan, filming the previous installment was one of the great experiences of his career, so how well they got along and success at the box office made it almost irresistible to shoot another one. For the sequel, they talk about what’s new, both the additions and the shooting beyond the jungle, also visiting the desert and the mountains. But there is also a new villain, very evil, named Jurgen the Brutal, and who is played by Rory McCann.

Along with this, they talk about the animals that appear in the film, where most are digital, but there are some real ones for close-ups. The camels, for example, were real, and some of the interpreters liked the experience, like Karen Gillian; while others were terrified and traumatized by having to ride a camel, like Kevin Hart. They end with the cast highlighting the work of Jake Kasdan as director, indicating that he is very detailed and very particular with his comedy; but we also see Jack Black offering alternative titles for the film.

Creating the scene (12 minutes):

They show us how they created the most dangerous and most action-packed and adventurous sequences in the film, which were the Ostrich Chase and the Mandrill Bridge. For filming in the dunes, there was Wade Eastwood to supervise the second photography unit and the dangerous scenes. To do this, they went to shoot the area with the largest dunes in the United States, which are in eastern San Diego. However, the actors filmed in front of a chroma on the set in Hawaii, digitally adding the ostriches in post-production.

Regarding the mandrills bridge, the idea was rescued from the first part, where it was finally discarded. For the filming of the sequel, this scene turned out to be spectacular, but also the most difficult part of filming and post-production. So, we saw how the recording was with the actors on the Atlanta set, with hanging bridges on a green chroma background. To digitally create the big, colorful and furious baboons they hired Weta Digital from New Zealand.

Rhys Darby wants to sound (2 minutes):

The actor Rhys Darby, who plays the non-playable character in both installments that explains the beginning of the adventure to the protagonists, calls the actors to shoot an advertisement with them, but they pass on him, so he makes a montage for his bill.

Awkwafina: The Thieving Cat (2 minutes):

The actress speaks from the set of the shoot, where she plays Ming, “a spider woman with fast feet,” as she describes herself. This being the case, he demonstrates all the skills he has learned for the film.

NPC Confessions: Jurgen the Brutal (3 minutes):

We are introduced to Jurgen the Brutal, Jumanji’s most celebrated and barbaric conqueror. But Jurgen has some confessions to make to the camera.

Grow (1 minute):

Karen Gillian talks about the evolution of the characters and the fun changes that we will see in the sequel. To prepare, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson practiced common things in older people.

Soap opera (1 minute):

Karen Gillian, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson star in a promotional ad, pretending to be inside a South American soap opera, where everyone speaks Spanish except Kevin Hart.

Trick or treat (1 minute):

One kids begs for Halloween candy at The Rock house, dressed as the Jumanji characters, but Kevin Hart also shows up, dressed as tacky as Dwayne Johnson earlier in his career, which doesn’t make the actor and professional wrestler very funny. .

Select scene preview (9 minutes):

We can see the development of the sequences of the battle in the zeppelin and the chase of the ostriches, comparing the animated storyboard with the final version seen in theaters.

Lastly, let’s hope you enjoy purchasing Jumanji: Next Level, now available to take home with you on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD and two limited-edition Blu-ray in a metal case. As well as a pack, already on sale, with the 3 films of the franchise, and also in digital format; and so you can see it as many times as you want, both in its original version and dubbed into Spanish.

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