July is a key month for immigration reform and Biden’s economic project

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / .

There is a national movement of civil organizations that pressure congressmen to avoid closing the window of opportunity for immigration reform, but what are they based on to say that? There are two reasons: the application of the Reconciliation process is limited and the summer recess period is on its way.

For this reason, July is a key month for the discussion of the president’s economic package Joe biden, estimated at $ 6 billion, according to a first draft of the senator Bernie sanders (Vermont), Chairman of the Budget Committee.

Last month, the parliamentarian, Elizabeth macdonough determined that the Democratic majority in Congress could only use the Reconciliation process one more time this year to pass any budget bill without Republican support.

In addition to this, in August the congressmen go on recess, which complicates the times for the approval of any reform, but the Senate majority leader, Chuck schumer (New York), promised to advance an infrastructure plan, either bipartisan and with only a democratic vision.

“You cannot do one without the other … We cannot do the bipartisan bill unless we are sure to complete the Reconciliation bill,” he said. “We cannot finish the Budget Reconciliation bill unless we are confident of getting the bipartisan bill and I think our members, across the spectrum, realize that.“.

His clarification came after a closed-door meeting with congressmen from both parties, including the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California).

Schumer acknowledged that a bipartisan plan would be “smaller,” at $ 974 billion, and the broader Democrat at $ 1.2 trillion. Any proposal should be signed by President Biden.

“We are very excited about the prospect of a bipartisan agreement,” said Pelosi.

Although the senator did not discuss immigration reform, more Democratic congressmen from both houses are pushing for the Reconciliation bill to include any change that benefits undocumented immigrants.

A first plan by Senator Sanders mentions various aspects related to immigration issues, including the legalization of undocumented persons, based on economic and budgetary benefits for the country, one of the determining factors of the Reconciliation process.

Although Sanders’ budget document is not the end, Roll Call detailed that immigration arguments are included, citing a 2005 precedent of provisions passed by the Senate to similarly increase the number of immigrant visas for economic reasons.

O civil organizations, such as the Coalition for the Rights of Human Immigrants (CHIRLA), consider that Sanders’ vision is an important window of opportunity to benefit undocumented people, such as’ dreamers’, holders of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), among others.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ budget has included funds for legalization programs (of the undocumented)“, Highlighted CHIRLA. “Although it is not a final product, the initiative indicates that some members in the Senate are serious about immigration reform.”

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