July 4, Independence Day: There will be a shortage of fireworks this year and prices will be higher

On July 4, there will be fewer fireworks sales, lower inventory, and higher prices.

Photo: Free-Photos / Pixabay

Surely you are planning to buy some fireworks now that the weekend of July 4 is approaching, which is traditionally celebrated with this pyrotechnic show, but you should know that these products may be more expensive and scarcer this year.

For the second year in a row, the fireworks shortage is leaving many people empty-handed and has increased prices ahead of the Independence Day holiday weekend.

So you should be prepared to stock up as soon as possible and perhaps pay more this year if you want to enjoy a proper fireworks show.

As the economy has been weathering the crisis brought on by the pandemic and businesses are reopening, Supply chains have struggled to keep up with demand, leading to shortages and congestion at ports that carry products. And this has been a big problem especially for the fireworks industry, which relies on shipments from China, according to CNN.

Even without these pandemic problems, the fireworks industry was already in some decline, as more and more people consider these products to be dangerous. That is the producers of these items are sending fewer fireworks and those few that do ship are more expensive.

The challenges are not just limited to importing goods at ports. Another serious problem is the current labor shortage in the United States, which is further slowing fireworks deliveries and contributing to an even more limited inventory.

And it is that currently there are not enough dock workers or truckers to transport the products.

For customers, all of this means there will be fewer deals on fireworks, lower inventory and higher prices.

Historically, customers who went to stores in search of fireworks in the days before July 4 could find products on the shelves without much problem. This year, however, this will not be the case.

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