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The era of YouTube streaming has given rise to a number of personalities who have become famous thanks to their communities. However, there are also peculiar cases and more for being related to such a noble work as teaching and that’s where Julio Alberto Rios Gallego « Julioprofe » shines, who has gained worldwide recognition thanks to his math classes on the platform. Precisely, his previous work was what gave him the impetus to venture into gaming and the results have been immediately successful.

After starting to develop his facet as a video game streamer, specifically in League of Legends, Julioprofe became a star on YouTube, because the love he received from his followers who already recognized him for his work as a teacher, he moved immediately and already impacted the numbers in terms of audience. As revealed by a Tarreo report, the Colombian Golden League broadcast broke a record by registering more than 59,000 users, when its highest point had been 36,000 viewers.

Likewise, Julioprofe is already starting to enjoy the honeys of success on YouTube as a gamer, since his JulioProfeGamer channel already has 580,000 subscribers.

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