Julio Preciado underwent a new surgery to improve his quality of life

Julio Preciado.

Photo: Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

Julio Preciado he underwent surgery again in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The singer from Sinaloa underwent a gastric sleeve surgery as part of the treatment that you will follow from now on to improve your quality of life.

“This decision is not for vanity, but for health. I have suffered from obesity since I was 4 years old, I am 54, that is, I have been carrying overweight in my legs for 50 years, so I think this operation was necessary, “said the artist.

Preciado was operated on this Tuesday at 6:20 am in the city, the operation was in charge of the specialist Rodrigo Prieto and a team of doctors, including Julio Ramos, who last year was in charge of performing a kidney transplant.

“Now I have to continue with this process, eat healthy, exercise, start going to the gym; They tell me that with this that they just did to me and what I have to follow on my own it will be 30 kilos less in 3 monthsapproximately ”, added the musician.

The gastric sleeve, which involves removing a large portion of the stomach, serves as a weight loss treatment and for the control of metabolic diseases.

This type of surgery is generally recommended for patients who have to lose more than 50 kilos, in order to increase life expectancy.

According to Dr. Julio Ramos, the Mexican regional music interpreter prepared himself mentally and physically for this operation.

“It was a whole process of preparation of months, where he was continuously evaluated, a metabolic control was also followed and still hours before he entered the operating room he underwent a cardiovascular reassessment to guarantee his well-being”, explained the specialist.

The operation, Ramos said, lasted two hours 40 minutes and before starting a healthy diet, Preciado will only be able to ingest liquids such as serum, water and popsicles.

The singer will be discharged this weekend and can immediately return to his native Mazatlán.

In January of last year, Julio Preciado underwent a kidney transplant, donated by his daughter Yuliana.

BY: Lorena Jiménez

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