Julio González, from unemployment to defend the Pumas arch

Erendira Palma Hernandez

La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, November 22, 2020, p. a10

A year ago Julio González was playing in the Third Division of Spain after leaving the defunct Veracruz without pay, but perseverance, a quality he learned from Oswaldo Sánchez, prompted him to seek opportunities. Now, under the Pumas shirt, he will defend the goal at the start of the league, after an injury to the starter Alfredo Talavera gave him the opportunity to reap the effort made in 10 years of experience.

The most difficult moment of my career was when I was left without playing for several months, I went to Praviano, from the Third Division of Spain, to stay active because I did not find an opportunity at that time, and my son had just been born. But now I am with Pumas, I want to respond with good performances and continue here for many years, he said in an interview with La Jornada.

Julio was trained in the basic forces of Santos, where he reached the first team and was behind the former national team Oswaldo Sánchez and Agustín Marchesín. I am not a starter not because I am a bad goalkeeper, but because I have been behind great goalkeepers, from whom I learn, as I do now with Talavera, he said.

With experience on the courts, González learned that the goalkeeper position must have a lot of patience and prepare even more than the starters to respond when necessary. All First Division soccer players have quality, but one always plays as a goalkeeper and his career is usually very long, he said.

Thus, he is aware that in the middle of the wait he must make an effort for when the moment comes to have the reflectors. I see the case of Hugo González or Carlos Acevedo, who were also alternates. Even Acevedo was behind me when we were in Santos and now he was the goalkeeper with the most saves.

Julio has also dealt with extra-court adversities. After his training with Santos, he went to Tampico Madero and later signed with Veracruz, where he played six months, which by the way they still owe me, he said calmly, but with the hope of a speedy resolution.

When he was left out of the Sharks squad in May 2019, he tried to place himself in a team of the Liga Mx, but the space he found was in the Third Division of Europe. Although he could play, Julio’s aspirations were in the First category, so he persisted to return to Mexico.

I could have been in the hammock for six months, but I knew I had to push myself, he said. With the intention of playing at a good level, he looked for Marcello Capirossi, then the goalkeeping coach of Pumas and who at that time clarified that there was no space, but two days before the close of records in January they called him back to hire him. .

Now 29 years of age comes a momentous opportunity as goalkeeper for the felines at the start of the league, after Alfredo Talavera suffered an injury that will take him away from the pitch for a couple of weeks.

I feel prepared for this moment. Alfredo has hierarchy, but he was also a Julio González who worked to be a starter as I do now, he said.

This opportunity comes at a mature time for me. It is the fruit of a lot of work, it took me a lot to be in a club like that, I worked too hard to achieve it. In Pumas they have treated me wonderfully, I am very happy and that shows in my performance and right now the challenge is the league.