Julio César Chávez Jr involved in a new controversy

Tremendous news released Julio Cesar Chavez through his Instagram account, where he reported that he started the legal procedures to request a divorce with your current partner, Frida muñoz, with This a new controversy was unleashed when the reasons for said separation were known.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr I start the paperwork for divorce with your current partner, Frida muñozThis after a series of annoyances that the boxer has with his wife.

“By instructions ofl Mr. ´ Julio César Chávez Jr.´ eThis firm is pleased to communicate that it is the intention of our representativeor carry out the relevant legal procedures in order to dissolve the marital bond who to date has remained with his respectable wife the Mrs. Frida Muñoz Román. The foregoing as a consequence of the disparity of respectable interests that have been generated between the spouses still over time ”, informed the legal firm Legal & Trust.

Also, the July jr He published a series of videos on his Instagram account in which he gave some details that led to the separation, one of those reasons It is due to the carelessness he has had Frida Muñoz with her newborn son.

It is worth mentioning that Chávez Jr and Frida Muñoz were parents for the second time recently, even they named him Julio in honor of his father.

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