Julio César Chávez JR. criticizes Floyd Mayweather, .

Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez Jr. is once again immersed in controversy, this after criticizing the lifestyle and luxuries of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

El Junior posted a video on his Instagram story criticizing ‘smug’ people, using Mayweather as an example, calling him ‘pend …’ for buying several cars of the same model.

Julio César added that he likes the American boxer, but he disapproved of the waste of money that ‘Money’ makes, comparing him with the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim.

“(There are smugglers) like Floyd Mayweather, who I like, but he buys two or three Bugattis of the same color, I know he has a shitload of money. But it is stupid to buy three identical cars, better buy one and paint it. Not even Carlos Slim throws money like that ”, he commented.

Chávez Jr. confessed that he became a boxer after living a period of deprivation, this when his father wasted his money due to his problem with drugs.

“I have always had money. I have never failed to eat although my dad lost all the money when he was bad. We had nothing, that’s why I had to box, and now he complains that I fight, but if I hadn’t boxed who knows where I’d be, ”said the Mexican.

It should be noted that recently the boxer was challenged by Edgar Berlanga, mentioning that he would ‘take out the parakeet’ with the blows, to which the Junior replied that ‘the parakeet is not taken out, he gets in’.

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