Julio César Chávez and the son of ‘Macho’ Camacho almost come to blows before their fight

The former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez, the best Mexican fighter in history, promised this Saturday that he will punish the Puerto Rican Hector Camacho, whom he will face on June 19 in an exhibition fight.

“This old man will give you the fuck of your life, you disrespected me,” he said. Chavez the son of one of his fiercest rivals, Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, whom the Mexican defeated in 1992 in Las Vegas.

Chavez, about to turn 59 years old, has made several exhibition fights in recent years in order to raise funds to help people without resources and this Saturday he proposed to spread his fight with the son of Camacho, but they were about to come to blows.

The Caribbean offended the former world champion with high-sounding words, before which the retired boxer promised to retaliate in the ring.

“This is no longer an exhibition, it’s going to be a fucking fight,” he said. Julio Cesar Chavez, who was the world monarch in the super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight divisions and won 107 bouts, 85 by KO, with six losses and two draws.

In 1992, Chavez defeated Hector Camacho and retained the super lightweight title of the World Boxing Council in a fight that this Saturday the retired fighter considered the most mediatic of his career and that paralyzed all of Mexico.

On the card where he will face the son of Camacho, the Mexican will be accompanied by his children Omar Chavez, who will challenge Ramón ‘Inocente’ Álvarez, champion’s brother Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez; Y Julio César Chávez Junior, who will be measured at Anderson Silva, former UFC middleweight champion.

In the evening he will make his professional boxing debut Johan alvarez, nephew of ‘Canelo’, considered the best pound-for-pound boxer of the moment.

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