While he multiplies the slippages on social networks, Julien Guirado could soon make his comeback in a reality TV show. The ex of Marine El Himer has just released a clue that intrigues his fans.

After The Princes and Princesses of Love 3, will Julien Guirado do his big comeback in a reality show ? This is the question asked by its subscribers about Instagram. In question : the latest publication of the young man on the famous social network.

Thus, Julien Guirado published a photo with the caption:

Know that your opinion does not matter to me 😈

A message accompanied by the hastag “back” … understand by that return ! It didn’t take more to intrigue internet users who hope to see him again in new adventures on television. For the moment, the candidate revealed thanks to Secret Story has not specified more.

Julien Guirado boycotted by reality TV shows?

In recent weeks, it has been rumored that the young man had been boycotted by the W9 channel. In question: the revelations of his ex, Marine El Himer, on their breakup. In an interview with Gossip Room, the reality TV candidate hinted that Julien Guirado was a narcissistic pervert.

She thus confided:

He made me lose confidence in myself. To be demeaned psychologically, mentally, is very hard. Afterwards it’s fresh so to talk about it I’m not too ready but hey, luckily there was my family because without them, maybe I would have returned to him after confinement. But honestly‚Ķ In fact that’s the reason that took over the heart.

“I apologize every day”

Charges which had pushed the young man to come out of his silence. He then confessed:

Yes I had inappropriate gestures, yes I went too far, yes vis-√†-vis Marine I did things that a man should not do. And I apologize to everyone, women in general, because it’s not normal.

And add:

I am taking care of myself to manage this impulsiveness, this overwhelming emotion. There is nothing that is excusable or tolerable about what I have done. I love Marine and the first one who is sad and disappointed is me. I try to get better, to work. I apologize every day, two thousand times, I know that is not enough.

Julien Guirado vs the El Himer family

But since then, relations between Julien Guirado and the El Himer family have deteriorated. The reality TV candidate multiplies the clashes on social networks. He particularly attacks Gauthier El Himer, the brother of his ex. As a reminder, it was Gauthier who had spoken of the physical violence that Julien Guirado would have subjected to Marine. Since then, the two young men have not stopped insulting each other on social networks.

Lately, Julien Guirado did not hesitate to reveal the identity of his rival’s girlfriend.

Very cash in his words, Julien Guirado does not hesitate to clash his number one enemy on the Web.

Julien Guirado: The descent into hell

Since his separation from his ex-Marine El Himer and the shocking revelations that resulted from it, Julien Guirado seems to know a real descent into hell. The young man is uneasy following the relentlessness he suffered on social networks.

If since, it seems to have regained force, the one who had claimed to want to treat his impulsiveness continues to chain clashes on the Web. Despite the controversies, will he have the right to a second chance ?

To be continued …