According to some rumors, the eighth season of the Princes and Princesses of Love could well be closed with a marriage between Julien Bert and Hilona Gos. Find out more below.

Between Julien Bert and Hilona Gos, it is crazy Love for more than a year. The two young people had love at first sight during their participation in the seventh season of the Princes and Princesses of Love and left the adventure together. They then quickly moved to the Lyon region and even adopted two adorable little dogs.

Very active on social networks, the couple, who were recently burgled, regularly share their daily life and multiply the declarations of love ever more inflamed. And it looks like he’s also taken it to the next level.

Julien and Hilona married on the set of Princes and Princesses of Love 8?

According to some rumors, lovers are expected to appear in this eighth season and marry on camera. If nothing has been confirmed for the moment, one of the last Instagram stories of a candidate nevertheless seems confirm hearsay.

It is the pretty Kellyn, ex of Anthony Alcaraz and Princess of this new season, who published a photo on which we can see her wearing a tiara with the inscription: ” Soon-to-be bride“. Although she did not caption her photo, Internet users were quick to mention that she was invited to a bachelorette party, namely that of Hilona.

Kellyn's story

So what is it really? Julien and Hilona they intend to pass the ring on the finger?

Big changes for this eighth season

Still according to the rumors circulating on the Web, Julien and Hilona could well also meet at the presentation of the program dating from W9. They will also take the opportunity to advise candidates on their choices and to share their opinions with Magali Berdah, who retains her status as director of the love agency.

If the casting of this eighth season is not yet official, some well-informed Instagram accounts have announced the participation of Mujdat Saglam, ex of Milla Jasmine, Bastien Grimal, Kellyn, Beverly Bello but also, against all expectations, Alix Desmoineaux, that it was said to be blacklisted from the TNT channel.