Between Julie Gayet and François Hollande it has to get stuck somewhere. Rather than a problem with the toilet seat or crumbs on the sofa, the French actress concedes some “passionate debates” when they watch football together. “But that’s football, isn’t it?” She told So Foot, in an interview published on Monday, August 10, 2020.

“I must admit that I am more demonstrative than him. I can ‘explode’, I get up, I vibrate … I have a little Salma Hayek side”, jokes Julie Gayet, who came to talk about the importance of women’s football in French society. A subject that she evokes in the documentary film Les Joueuses which she produces and which tells about the success of the Women’s Olympique Lyonnais.

With her film, Julie Gayet will have made a follower: her man, François Hollande. “At first he wasn’t that sensitive to women’s football, but I managed to introduce him to it. So much so that he said to me: ‘Oh yeah, it’s fluid. They go really fast, it’s good! ‘”, says the actress of 48 years. Last year, Julie Gayet and François Hollande even attended a match for the French women’s football team together, just before the World Cup.

Despite these small tensions, Julie Gayet and François Hollande like to share their common passion for football. “We watch games together all the time. I have some regrets: it is not to have not accompanied him on certain matches because I did not want to be on the ‘official’ side during his mandate“, she laments.

In a relationship for a few years with François Hollande, a regular at the Parc des Princes, Julie Gayet is the mother of two grown children, Tadeo (21 years old) and Ezechiel (20 years old this month), born from her past marriage with the Argentinian director Santiago Amigorena.