ETB has already closed ‘El Conquistador del Caribe’. The successful survival and adventure space of the Basque regional television network presented by Julin Iantzi has concluded its sixteenth edition and has done so by proclaiming Mikel Pérez Artola as a great winner before 28% of the audience. This achieved the precious ikurriña that makes him the owner of the 20,000 euros prize for the space. He did it after an intense installment in which he starred in an even final duel in which he left Jon Quel as the second finalist and Isma as the third. Both remained at the gates of the precious victory of this great edition that becomes the most viewed in the last six years.

Julian Iantzi and Eider García Durana

Throughout the night the social networks were flooded with comments from Internet users who did not hesitate to analyze the final fight for the ikurriña but what little we could imagine is that in parallel, a conversation between Eider García Durana, one of the finalists of the edition, and the presenter of the space Julián Iantzi, It was also going to generate dozens of comments on Twitter (but in this case very negative). A talk that occurred at the beginning of the night, as the driver was receiving on stage the different finalists of the space. This gave way to a video in which we saw Eider’s wife wish her the best of luck at this latest gala and make it clear that she and all her friends and family are very proud her. « You have given everything and more, from here I send you a huge kiss, » she said.

Eider was especially excited by this surprise and it was then that Julian Iantzi asked him a question that was heavily criticized in networks: « Are you going to clarify a question for me? Everyone is thinking: What is your wife? Is she your wife? Is she your partner? Is your friend? Just kidding? What is your wife? « The contestant did not hesitate to answer: » I think you have another question, right? My wife is my wife, and that’s it. You also have a wife, because the same thing. « But the Basque wanted to continue to be interested in their relationship: » But … is your partner in fact? « The adventurer, who began to imagine what Iantzi was referring to, answered: « What questions? What if there is a physical approach? ».

The origin of Iantzi’s question

The presenter continued to insist and complained that « you are not going to answer me », to which Eider responded by saying « I have already answered you, what happens is that you ask more the question to try to shoot ». The moment quickly went viral; Not a few Internet users branded the presenter of the ETB space as homophobic when they did not understand the reason why Iantzi insisted so much on knowing what kind of relationship they have. Despite this, many others chose to defend him and explained that Iantzi’s question came from what Eider said in his presentation video. In it, the participant explained that she had a friend with whom she was all day and with the one that ended up marrying but with which he does not have any kind of physical approach. Something that upset some, including Iantzi himself, who wanted to know more about that relationship in full direct on ETB.