Julián Gil will be 50 years old and will celebrate it in a very peculiar way together with his followers

On June 13, the Puerto Rican actor and driver Julián Gil reaches half a century of life and due to the Covid-19 he will not be able to celebrate it as usual: traveling. So it also occurred to the businessman to invite his followers to join him to celebrate his birthday in a recreational way, calling the public to a virtual 50-kilometer race.

Participants can get involved individually in the park near their homes, on a pre-established route with the proper healthy distance, or from their treadmills.

“This is a race for everyone who wants to participate with the purpose of accumulating kilometers until June 13, my birthday. Everyone, absolutely everyone, can participate completely free, ”said Gil, who launched this virtual event in accordance with the recommendation of the World Health Organization to be physically activated.

Julián’s race has two modalities: ‘Recreative Challenge’ of 50 kilometers, cumulatively, and ‘Challenge Pro’, in which the participants present evidence of having run or walked the 50 kilometers. Gil will run in the city of Miami on a pre-established route.

“The objective is” to physically activate ourselves, adapt to this new lifestyle and maintain a healthy distance, “said Julián, who also asked the participants to avoid running or walking in a group and take care that, if it is outdoors, they are not affected by temperature.

The race can be done in virtual mode, that is, through the downloadable applications available on the iOS and Android operating systems. To register for free, the public must send a direct message to Julián Gil’s Instagram.