Julián Gil exposes threats he has received from Marjorie de Sousa | Reform

The war between Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa seems like it will never end, and now the actor really showed himself furious in a video posted by himself, as he noted that has received threats this being the reason why he left Mexico.

Through a statement, the actress explained that she was forced to make a decision to protect your child’s rights, that is why, upset by this, Julián made the video with the support of his sister Patricia Ramosco.

The video was shared by the actor in his social networks and explained how Marjorie managed to take away the parental authority of her son Matías.

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Julián assured that he has in his possession a recording in which they threaten him if Matías’ parental authority fights.

Do you know why I left Mexico? I left Mexico because I was threatened and I continue to be threatened, I love Mexico, my life was in Mexico; I had to go for the pressure, you know what kind of pressure I mean; we keep fighting, « he said.

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Gil explained that although now he has the parental authority of the small can’t live with him as only forces him to give pension.

Today I have parental authority over the child and it is useless to me, I have no rights over the child, only pay pension, I am a clear checkbook, for that I am a father, « he said annoyed.

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The Argentine actor said he was sure that soon they will notify you that you lost parental authorityBut that will not change the fact that he is Matías’s father.

Before a judge of the Court of Mexico, Julián Gil may lose parental authority and I will lose it, but today, tomorrow and I will always be Matías’ father. ”

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In the end, in the video of almost 15 minutesJulián Gil commented that making a diary so that Matías, at the time, know the story from his father’s point of view.

As well as thanked that all this great problem has occurred in the was from social networksSince this way, your child will know the truth in the future.