Julián Gil could have discovered Marjorie doing witchcraft | Instagram

The war between Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa is getting bigger and more things have been discovered by the actor, who has decided uncover everything regarding his ex-wife Marjorie.

Yesterday, Thursday, July 9, the actor Julián Gil offered a Live on his official Instagram account where cleared up certain rumors about the alleged reason why he ended his relationship with Marjosie de Sousa.

And it is that according to the new story about his breakup and the eternal dispute in courts for the parental authority of his little Matías, it was because Julián Gil discovered that the actress practiced witchcraft rituals against him.

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In the whole process, this has been the most absurd story. Both Marjorie and I have experienced hard things, unfair to both parties, unfair to Matías, but this type of thing must be stopped.

Despite everything he’s put him through, Gil tried to stop the false news that have circulated regarding the mother of her child.

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Regardless of what the two sides are fighting, we cannot allow this type of absurd tales to further hinder the process, « he said in his video.

The Argentine, who is living in Miami, showed part of a video in which the false information that has been circulating is reported.

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Today I want to say publicly that those were not the reasons (for the separation). We have reasons as a couple and they have never come to light, but today, I have to deny this.

We must remember that despite having couple problems, there is a child involved, so Julián only seeks the best for him.

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This is a serious case, it is a case where there is a child and it is a case where all of us involved are suffering a lot, « he stressed.

It is worth mentioning that Julián Gil and the Venezuelan actress they became a couple in 2016, after working together on the soap opera Sueño de Amor, produced by Juan Osorio.

In 2017 They had little Matías, but within weeks they officially announced their breaking off, and since then the dramatic story began that seems to have no end.

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Currently the legal dispute between both actors is over the parental authority, guard and custody from her 3 year old son.

At first the fight was also over moneyBecause de Sousa demanded maintenance, now more things have come to light and each piece of information that they bring to light is shocking.

The support petition, apparently was resolvedBecause Julián Gil provides him with around 19 thousand pesos a month for childcare.