Julia Roberts, reunion of the cast of My Best Friend’s Wedding | .

Actress Julia Roberts as well as part of the cast of « My best friend’s Wedding » They were present at a reunion after the film was released 22 years ago.

Who does not remember the movie where Julian wanted stay with your best friend and form a couple with him by cheating and manipulating Cameron Díaz to separate them.

Character Roberts had realized she was in love with his best friend and the day he decided to tell him about it himself he told him (before knowing his secret) that he would marry because he had met the love of his life.

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Twenty-two years have passed and surely who is a fan of Julia Roberts, Cameron Díaz or another character in the film do not hesitate to see her again.

According to Muvi, to commemorate a reunion which the protagonist did not know anything about, she received a call requesting celebrate 22 years If the film had been released before this, the actress asked if her companions would be present, knowing the answer she accepted immediately.

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Dermot Mulroney, Ruppert Everett, Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts They arrived at the place looking really impressive except for Díaz, all of them were wearing a two-piece suit and she was wearing a beautiful pale pink dress.

“We all get along very well right away. And everyone could feel that on the screen. It was magical for me, ”said Everett.

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The four actors became the cover of the magazine « Entertainment Weekly »It was an exceptional photo shoot, the admirers Both the magazine and the movie were delighted with the event because seeing them together again was something very emotional not only for their fans but also for them because they had time that they did not see each other.

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“For me the scene that made me feel so authentic and fervent is when I finally say to the Dermot character:‘ Choose me. Let me make you happy, « shared Julia Roberts.

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