If she does not let anything show on her social networks, Julia Paredes sometimes lives difficult days. Like the times she had to face her miscarriages. On a daily basis, she also has to fight against a gynecological disease: endometriosis. During her interview for Purepeople, the beautiful 31-year-old brunette agreed to confide in this sensitive subject.

You are battling endometriosis, what is the latest news regarding your disease?

I have to go for exams, MRIs. I have more and more severe pain, I must see if I have not passed to a higher stage. It’s quite complicated for me and fatigue doesn’t help. People don’t really know what this disease is, so I would like to organize a small event to talk about it with the girls who write me messages about it, because they also have it. There would also be specialists. I saw one in Paris who told me that it was possible to cure it if we had the right care. Many women are affected and it is really disabling on a daily basis. There are mornings when I can’t get up. Sometimes I had to call my mother urgently because I couldn’t move, despite the pills I take. It got worse so I have to see what is going on with a doctor. As that can make sterile moreover, I have to know. When I was 20, I was told that I absolutely could not have children. Finally I had my little miracle, but I have to watch if I want to have a second one day. If I am told that I cannot have any more children, I unfortunately could not fight. I should just accept it. At the last report, I was told about a cyst, so I might have to have it removed.

What were the consequences of your endometriosis?

I have already had blocked tubes, cysts which multiplied in the belly. It can break out at any time, I’ve had some bleeding from it before. It can manifest itself in many things. At the moment, they are cysts. Otherwise the symptoms are fatigue, stiffness, vomiting when the disease is very severe and severe pain. When you have your period, you can’t get up.

Is Luna’s ear surgery still going on?

She still complains, but she no longer has repeated ear infections. She had to have the operation because we were afraid it would affect her hearing. For now, we just need to get her hearing checked in September and if all goes well, she won’t have the operation.

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