Juicy lemonade? Galilea Montijo in a slip dress

Juicy lemonade? Galilea Montijo with a slip dress | Instagram

The presenter Galilea Montijo looked spectacular when she showed her infamous silhouette in a green slip dress that has strongly dominated the fashion catwalks, like a juicy lemonade!

The gold of her skin, enhanced by the high doses of sun in recent days, drove the followers of Galilea Montijo crazy by wearing a dress made of a silk or satin-like fabric in lemon color, which also highlighted her great silhouette.

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Once again the “driver of Hoy” shows that she is a “style diva” by wearing the most daring colors in her wardrobe, the 48-year-old famous once again hit the mark with her recent pick perfect for the hot summer season.

In a v-neck cut and straps, the lemon green dress looks adjusted to the silhouette of the consecrated Televisa collaborator who complemented the outfit with exquisite jewels such as her bracelet with diamonds, a necklace and discreet rings.

Of course, you could not miss a pair of high heels to provide greater definition to your legs and your silhouette, Andrea Legarreta’s colleague, Arath de La Torre, Paul Stanley, Marisol González, Raúl “El Negro Araiza”, Andrea Escalona and Lambda García stole sighs from many looks and added several reactions from some of his 9.1 million followers.

All that, commented one of the followers of her Instagram account in the photo that added more than 76 thousand likes.

The famous collaborator of various variety and reality shows who also has a great style and makeup team that contribute to enhance her style and provide the best beauty look to her abundant hair in each of her appearances.

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And is that if there is something that distinguishes the remembered “television actress” who has embodied various characters in soap operas and series such as “Marry me, my love”, it is that she likes to have fun with fashion and does it without fear of what they will say since its well-cared silhouette and personality allow you to wear each garment with great security.

In pants, skirt or dress, “La Montijo” has made it clear that she is capable of wearing any color and particularly green in its various shades have become her great ally in some of her fashion choices.

And it is that the lingerie dress that was normally used as a complement to nightwear, climbed several levels to position itself as an important piece of fashion, which today is considered a synonym of elegance and minimalism among celebrities.

That is why today, the lingerie is an important piece that many do not miss in their wardrobe, that piece with spaghetti straps and flowing fall has posed on more than one occasion in the red carpets.

Important film figures such as Gwyneth Paltrow or the producer, Sofía Coppola, even members of the royalty such as Lady Di herself have opted to wear this outfit at important events.

The “lingerie” dress or “Slip dress” is undoubtedly a garment that has taken a leap from the wardrobe basics to a sought-after garment both day and night and it is today Montijo Torres who gives a lecture on how to wear it in a very cheerful color during this season.

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It should be remembered that the “model” and “businesswoman” of the boutique called “Latingal”, has been characterized by being very audacious in terms of her style since she is not afraid of even more risky trends, from neon colors to looking very classic , the remembered colleague of Héctor Sandarti in “Vida Tv”, and host of the acclaimed section of the morning, “Las Estrellas dance en Hoy”, breathes fashion in each of her appearances.

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