The Dominican actress Judith Rodríguez is one of the protagonists of the new film by director Ronni Castillo, “Libélula”, which began filming this week at the Quitasueño studios.

In a press release, Judith says she feels fortunate that in the midst of the current crisis she can continue working, and above all to do so alongside great professionals such as actor Pepe Sierra, who also stars in the drama, and director Ronni Castillo:

“Sharing with Pepe on set, in scenes where it’s just him and me, is a joy for anyone, since we all know that the response of an actor or actress, their reactions, also depends on who is in charge, on the chemistry that is formed with that person, and Pepe is a great companion, it is a blessing, ”said Rodríguez.

Let us remember that Rodríguez recently finished filming « The Life of the Kings », where he also played an important role. « Libélula » represents the second film project of the actress after filming began in our country in July, which were paralyzed for months due to Covid-19:

“For all of us, this state that we have lived in for 6 months has been a challenge. Our works have been affected, and art in general has suffered greatly … it is a fortune to be able to work. This is my second chance in the middle of all this, and doing it in projects that add so much positive energy to my career is even better ”, concluded the actress.

The film « Libélula » aims to trace a route in cinemas, festivals and digital platforms, it will be filming in Dominican territory, although some scenes will be shot on international grounds.